Mega Millions

Play Mega Millions from around the world to give yourself a chance of winning one of the game’s gigantic jackpots. The top prize is always worth at least $20 million and you can even win $1 million without matching all the numbers. While the game is staged in the United States, you can also play from around the world and win all the prizes this huge lottery has to offer.

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How to Play

Playing online usually means that, if you’re not in the USA, you are using a lottery messenger service to buy you a ticket. They then go out and buy the ticket, then send you a photo of the ticket so you know your entered. To play online like this, you jus need to follow the steps below:

Pick five numbers between 1 and 70 and a Mega Ball from a separate set of 1 to 25. Select your own or press Quick Pick for a random selection.

Select which draw to enter. You can choose to play a single draw or subscribe for one month or three months. Subscriptions are automatically renewed so that you never miss a draw and continue to pay at the same intervals.

Add your entries to the cart and complete your purchase. You must have an account to be able to play online so will need to register if you are a new player.

Wait for the results to come in. Draws take place at 11:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Some of the most frequently asked questions about Mega Millions are answered here to help you find out even more about the game.

What is the largest Mega Millions jackpot ever won?

The record for the highest Mega Millions jackpot of all time was set on August 8th, 2023, when one player from Florida won $1.60 billion.

What happens if you win a prize?

If you win a prize, you will be notified automatically by email. The money will be credited straight to your account for prize tiers four to nine. If you win in the top three tiers, you will be contacted and informed about how to proceed with the claims process.

When do Mega Millions draws take place?

Draws take place at 11:00PM EST in the United States on Tuesday and Friday.

Do 2 numbers win on Mega Millions?

No- If you haven’t matched the Mega Ball then you need to match at least 3 numbers to win a prize. If you have matched the Mega Ball then that in its own right will win you a prize, with matching any main numbers on top of this increasing your payout amount.

What are the Cash Lump sum and annuity options?

The advertised jackpot amounts for Mega Millions are paid over 30 years as an annuity. The winner would receive a first payment and then a single, increasing payment every year over 30 years until the full prize has been paid out. The Cash lump sum option is just taking all the money that is in the prize pool as a one-time payment right there and then.

The annuity option is a higher amount as it is calculated by taking what would be the cash lump sum amount and then what interest and investment returns the amount would generate over a 30-year period. Most jackpot winners choose to take the cash lump sum, but both options have their pros and cons.